Ishi Dube

     Rising star, Ishi Dube, is a seasoned
musician who will surely become a widely
recognized name in the world of reggae
music. Though, he was born in the foot-
hills of the Himalaya Mountains, Dube
hails from the King’s Range mountains
of Humboldt County where by the age of 3
he had developed a love for reggae music.
By 6 years old Ishi was already being
primed for a career in the performing
arts. At 17 he formed his first band, the
Soul Rebels. A few years (and a few
bands) later Ishi was blossoming into a
legitimate vocalist with a skilled band
performing live at clubs, events and
   Now 26, Ishi Dube is bringing a genuine
roots sound with a newer dancehall edge to
the reggae massive everywhere. The release
of his self-produced debut album, "MASSAGANA - Thanks and Praise" mixed with his natural talents and hard work will ensure this soul rebel has a promising career ahead of him. Appealing to people regardless of class, color or creed, Ishi’s lyrics range from political, to spiritual, to words of social change and the message is always positive.

More love, everytime. Rastafari.